Material Feature: The results show that niobium alloys such as Nb-45Ti-15Al,Nb-45Ti-5Hf-5V-0.5Zr-0.1C (molar fraction) are formed by adding a large amount of elements such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, vanadium, titanium, zirconium and chromium to the base metal to form nB-45TI-15AL, NB-45TI-5HF-0.5ZR-0.1c (molar fraction) and other niobium alloys combined with precipitation and strengthening of Ti3Al,(Nb,Zr)C.The density of these alloys at room temperature is 5.9-6.9g/cm3, 70-80% of the density of niobium;The alloy can be used in the atmosphere of 550-800鈩?without oxidation coating, and can be used in the atmosphere of 800-1300鈩?without oxidation coating. Moreover, when the surface coating is destroyed, the alloy matrix will not be burned through and destroyed immediately. Chemical Composition: Chemical Composition/%Chemical Composition/10-6 ItemsNbWMoTaVHfZrTiYCON Nb-5VBalance 4.5-5.6 200200200 Packaging Details: 1 First packaging with moisture-proof paper 2 Second packaging with kraft paper 3 Third packaging with foam plastics in all side of plywood case 4 Finally packing products in plywood case Port: Shanghai/Tianjing or othersBuy Niobium website: