Vinyl Flooring for Schools and Education Sectors Slip resistant, comfortable and quiet, our vinyl flooring is much ideal for the education sectors, ranging from kindergartens to higher education places. It’s also safe and warm which is great for younger children to play on. Owning to our high definition digital printing, there is a series of colorful and inspiring designs that both adults and children will love. For schools, proper acoustic performance contributes towards a quiet atmosphere to help children learn. Our vinyl floor have been developed to maximize impact sound reduction and comes in a wide choice of colors and designs with a choice of impact sound reduction of 15, 17 & 19dB. The natural acoustic properties of vinyl flooring reduce the noise created by busy classrooms and lecture theaters. It also allows for stains to be easily removed and replaced with new. This color is available for all floors, including dry back, interlocking click, loose lay, self-adhesive, SPC, WPC. Other information for your reference: Below is bigger and clearer pictures: Three simple steps to distinguish a qualified vinyl floor: Basic requirements before delivering: the pattern is clear, no overlap and grinning. Surface is smooth, no wave edge. Vinyl flooring have non-irritating odor. The back is flat, no scars, color is well-distributed . Step1. Smell: Whether the vinyl flooring has stimulating chemical odor, bad smell is likely to exceed the limit of harmful substances. Step2. Look: Thickness is full, the underlying foam layer, printing layer, wear layer do not have a stratification. Step3. Test: Hand hold. If it can be easily broken, the peeling strength does not meet the standard requirements. Why us? Because we own below advantages! 1. Vinyl flooring free samples are available; 2.Technology is advanced and quality can be promised; 3.Short lead time and in-time delivery; 4.Competitive factory price; 5.Provide OEM service; 6.Special discount and protection of sales area provided to our distributor; 7.7*24hours professional pre-sale and after-sale service.Bulk Commercial Vinyl Floor website: