Specification Description of machine Glass Processing Equipment with drilling, milling, chamfering functions, it's a new generation of glass cold processing equipment which is developed by our company based on horizontal glass working center. Our company has obtained national patents for this equipment. Machine Advantages 1) It's adopt advanced numerical control system with high efficiency and easy operating,which satisfy customer's requirement for processing precision and good quality. 2) Software: Software is developed by our engineer team. It has common patterns in the system. So you only need to input the parameter then the best route is generated automatically. 3) 3 Axis construction: It has 3 axis processing construction which can process drilling,milling and notching in one operation. It equips water cooling electric spindle, with max output power 9.5kw and the highest rotating speed 12000rpm. 4) The structure is convenient to load and unload the machine and occupied less area. Machine Functions The machine can be used for drilling, milling, notching, arrising on flat glass. So it's the best solution for holes, notches and cutouts. Applications The machine can be applied for mass production for frameless shower doors, Sliding door, glass curtain wall. etc. So that it can save a lot of labors and costing. Parts Advantage Prepare for Training and installation 1) Prepare 8pcs steel plates in size300*300*5mm.Put the plates to the bearing feet of machine. 2) Compressed air to 0.7-0.8MPA or Prepare Air Compressor. 3) Air Pipe in 10mm Diameter (Length will according to installation space). 4) Power Circuit:3*6虏 & 2*4虏 (Length will according to installation space) 5) Independent power control circuit breaker (3P45A) 6) A 10-20tons Jack Lifting(Adjust the level of machine). 7) Windows7 with 32bits computerChina Glass Vertical Working Centres website:http://www.bncncmachine.com/cnc-glass-machine/glass-vertical-working-centres/