REVERSE DOMED WITH KNIFE BLADES RUPTURE DISK (YD TYPE) Pressure acts on the convex side of rupture disk. At its burst pressure, the disk reverses with the knife blades on the upper holder cutting it . Types ◆ Reverse Domed With Knife Blades Rupture Disk (YD): The disk is made up of sphere solid metal with burst pressures ranging from 0.05MPa to 12.0MPa. ◆ Reverse Domed Rupture Disk With Knife Blades (YDV): The disk consists of brackets and corrosion-resistant seal membrane with burst pressure ranging from 0.001MPa to 0.1Mpa, and suitable for super-low or vacuum vessels. Features ◆ Optimum fatigue resistance for pressure pulsating or cycling condition ◆ Maximum operating pressure up to 90% of the minimum burst pressure ◆ Withstand full vacuum condition without vacuum support (YD type) ◆ Non-fragmenting design, suitable for safety valve isolation. ◆ Designed for gas, dust service, and not suitable for no gas space equipment ◆ Not suitable for high burst pressure conditions Specifications TYPEYD BURST DIRECTION LOAD TYPECOMPRESSION MEDIA APPLICATION PHASEGAS OR DUST SIZE (mm)25~1200 BURST PRESSURE RANGES (MPa)0.001~12 MANUFACTURING RANGES0,-5%,-10% DISK HOLDER TYPEYJA DYNAMIC RESPOND (sec)≥1/1000 INFLAMMBLE MEDIA USAGESUITABLE CYCLE LIFE>100,000 SPARK POSSIBILITYNO NOTICENO LIQUID, SNOW, DUSTS OR STICKNESS SUBSTANCE SHOULD BE ACCUMULATED IN CONCAVEChina Bursting Disc Safety Device suppliers website: