Name: Aluminum Panel Chassis Origin: Guangdong, China Metal material: aluminum alloy Surface treatment: polishing / matte / brushing, etc. Color: multiple / customizable Scope: production equipment Category: drawings and templates available Whether to customize: Yes Hechuan Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Limited was established in 2015, specializing in the production of various high-precision hardware parts. Products are widely used in 3C (computer, communication, consumer electronics), machinery and industrial automation equipment, including printers, copiers, money counters, digital cameras, digital photo frames, DVDs, connectors, filters, fiber optic communications, medical equipment, Motors, motors, household appliances and other industries. Company Characteristics: 1. Good quality and low price. Give back to customers with the best quality and best price; 2. The process structure is comprehensive, taking into account cutting, milling, surface centerless grinding, both ends of the grinding, internal grinding, drilling, tapping, punching, knurling, assembly, etc., is a comprehensive hardware company; 3. The manufacturing product has a large span, and the shaft core with an outer diameter of 0.04MM --- 300MM can be produced; 4. Grinding surface roughness can reach below RY0.4S. Outer diameter accuracy can reach below 0.003MM, true roundness can reach below 0.0005MM; 5. The outer diameter accuracy of the cutting product can be below 0.008MM, and the concentricity can be below 0.01MM. Welcome friends from all over the world to consult!Custom Medical Device Products website: