Titanium Powder for 3D Printing grade:ASTM B348+AMS 4928 Standard of 3D Printing titanium powder Diameter:蠁 3.175mmxL蠁 30x1000mm蠁 60x550mm蠁 2.0mmxL Surface:Acid picklinglathe turninpolishing Feature 1. Very low oxygen content, less than 500ppm 2. Unique clean surface, no oil and no impurities on the surface 3. Large single weight, up to 100kg 4. Complete material information, processing data from raw materials to finished products for 10 years FAQ 1: How about discount? A: Price is based on products and order quantity. 2: Do you accept sample order? A: Yes sure, please contact us for details. 3: How about your after-sales service? A: Asa professional titanium exporter, we offer promote technology support for all problems and questions. Besides, we accept goods return or replace for quality problem. Baoji Jiaqi Metal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jiaqi metal") is an enterprise specializing in the production and sale of various types of titanium and titanium alloy wire and bar. The company's product specifications cover 0.5-6mm wire and 6-200mm bar. The wire is mainly used for wire for 3D printing, wire for welding, wire for coating, wire for glasses, wire for fasteners and wire for braiding. Bars mainly include medical bars, aviation bars, chemical industry bars, titanium rods for electronic devices, and coating targets. Among them, medical bars are mainly used for artificial joints, locking nails, and kirschner wires.Titanium Powder price website:http://www.jqtitanium.com/titanium-powder/