Product Introduction Silicone rubber wire is great for use in applications of extreme surrounding, such as high & low temperature(exceeds to -60℃~200℃), strong UV rays. This makes them good for heating and lighting systems, industrial machinery and electrothermal products. Furthermore, the silicone rubber wire is also used for its low-smoke, halogen-free features. Product Parameter (specification) StyleUL3512 Nominal voltage:600V Temperature range:-60℃~+200℃ Braid Colours:White-Blue-Red-Black-Brown-Yellow-Green O.D.Tolerance:±0.1mm Testing voltage:2000V Conductor:Tin plated copper wire Insulator:Silicone rubber ConductorInsulatorMaximum conductor resistance(20℃)Packing AWGNO/mmDiaAverage thickness (mm)Minimum Wall thickness (mm)Insulation outer diameter (mm)Maximum resistance 20℃ Ω/kmMt/coils 227/0.2540.780.7620.6862.356.4305 207/0.320.980.7620.6862.535.2305 187/0.391.190.7620.6862.7122.2305 167/0.501.530.7620.6863.0514305 1440/ 1245/0.322.480.7620.68645.4200 Product features ● Anti-aging ability ● Durable ability ● Resistant to UV rays ● Outstanding heat resistance Product application It is suitable for various household appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic equipment, temperature sensors, etc. Why choose Nizing ● Many testing equipments for quality assurance. ● More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing silicone products. ● Good performance but lower price. FAQ ● Can the products be customized as our need? Surely our products can be customized as your need. We are looking forward to your inquiry for more details. ● Are you manufacturer, trading company or a third party? We are a manufacturer, and we have built up our company since 1983. ● What’s your delivery period? The goods can be prepared within 10 days of receipt of the order, but the order must be submitted 45 days before. Factory & workshop Aging Resistant Silicone Wire quotation website: