The stainless steel pneumatic hose fittings is made of stainless steel 304,316, which guarantees the quality of its stainless steel products, makes it safer and more secure to use, and is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, high-temperature and corrosion-resistant. Create higher, longer and more value for customers. Stainless steel pneumatic hose fittings directly nylon tube polyurethane tube, teflon tube inserted into the joint can be pulled out when just push the button down to directly pull out the tube convenient and easy to use. Parameter Main feature: 1. The fittings are commonly used in pneumatic industry, general industry, automotive industry, mining, shipbuilding and so on. 2. The fittings are only used for connecting hard, semi-hard nylon pipe and plastic pipe with the maximum working pressure of 2.5mpa. This series of connectors can be quickly intubated and extubuted, and easy to install, reliable seal, strong connection, beautiful. 3. The fittings provide a solid solution for every type of connection. Convenient quick plug, threaded joint system includes over 1000 standard and functional joints. Caution 1. Make sure the section of intubation is smooth and clean. 2. Make sure the cannula is inserted into the locating hole. 3. When the working medium is thin oil, it is recommended to use a three-way sealing quick-plug joint.Pneumatic Fittings suppliers website: